In the Clouds ArtScience Workshop

The “In The Clouds” ArtScience Workshop organised by Dolly Jørgensen (UiS) and Inger M.L. Gudmundson (Stavanger Art Museum) is taking place 24-26 January 2019 in Stavanger. This exciting workshop bringing together contemporary artists and university researchers to discuss the place of clouds in culture is funded by the Research Council of Norway.

Caspar David Friedrich (1744-1840), Mountain in Riesengebirge, 1835

Thursday, 24 January

09:00-09:45  ••• Opening: Dolly Jørgensen (University of Stavanger) & Inger Margrethe Lund Gudmundson (Stavanger Art Museum)

09:45-10.00  ••• Coffee break

10:00-11:30  ••• Session 1

Henrietta Simson (University of Arts London), Neither Here nor There: The Equivocal Status of the Cloud & its Significance in Contemporary Thinking

Marte Aas (independent artist, Norway), I Am the Weather

Yngve Nilsen (Western Norway Univ of Applied Sciences), Norwegian meteorology discovers the clouds, 1834-1920

Berdnaut Smilde (independent artist, Netherlands), False Firmament

11:30-12:30 ••• Lunch

12:30-13:30 ••• Cloud studies: Landscape painting response session

13:30-14:30 ••• Session 2

Marie-Theres Fojuth (Museum Stavanger), Snow, Steam and Speed – The Railway Photographies of Anders Beer Wilse 1908/1909

Matt Parker (University of Arts London), Sonospheric Investigations

Jim Fleming (Colby College), In the Clouds with Joanne Simpson (via Skype)

14:30-16:00 ••• Coffee + Showing of films in auditorium

18:00 ••• Workshop dinner #1

Friday, 25 January

08:00 Depart for Hå gamle prestegård from Scandic Forum Hotel

09:00-10:30 ••• Session 3

Alix Hui (Mississippi State University), My Pet Cloud: DIY and classroom cloud chambers at the dawn of the Atomic Age

Catherine Kramer (CoClimate art collective), Smog Tasting and Cloud Project

Hannah Zindel (Leuphana University Lüneburg), Balloons and Clouds

Eric Dean Rasmussen (University of Stavanger), Clouds of Unknowing in Don DeLillo’s Underworld

10:30-11:00 ••• Coffee break

11:00-12:00 ••• Session 4

Jody Berland (York University), Birds In, As, and Under Clouds (via Skype)

Veronika Kratz (Carelton University), “Today we are going to look at clouds as perhaps we have never looked at them before”: Understanding Rachel Carson’s View of the Sky

Joni Palmer (University of New Mexico), Cloud Literacy

12:00-13:00 ••• Lunch

13:00-14:00 ••• Cloud watching walk

14:00-15:00 ••• Session 5

Vladimir Jankovic (University of Manchester), Skyworms

Marie-luce Nadal (PSL Research University), The Factory of the Vaporous

Anna Roos (independent artist, Norway), Mist

15:00-15:30 ••• Coffee

15:30 ••• Depart for hotel

18:00 •••  Tour of Norwegian Petroleum Museum and Workshop dinner #2

Saturday, 26 January

09:00-10:30 ••• Session 6

Rachel Douglas-Jones (IT University of Copenhagen), On the Heaviness of Clouds: IoT Computing through Fog, Mist and Dew

Asta Vonderau (Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg), Storing Data, Infrastructuring the Cloud

Chunming Rong (University of Stavanger), Data sharing in the cloud under GDPR

Robert Willim (Lund University), The Mundania Files (Imagine Clouds)

10:30-11:00 ••• Coffee

11:00-12:00  ••• Poetry making session

12:00-13:00 ••• Lunch

13:00-14:30 ••• Session 7

Aleksandra Brylska (University of Warsaw), When the sky becomes alive. On the status of an atomic mushroom in the age of Anthropocene

Colin Ross (Oxford University), Nuclear Nephology: Bruce Connor and the Cloud in the Atomic Era

Forrest Clingerman (Ohio Northern University), When Do Atmospheric Changes Create Anthropocenic Clouds?

Sasha Engelmann (Royal Holloway University of London), Aerocene

14:30-15:00 ••• Coffee break, including Aerocene demostration

15:00-15:30 ••• Closing

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