The Bringing Research in Green Humanities into Teaching (BRIGHT) network was established as a NordPlus Higher Education Network in 2018.

The objective of BRIGHT is to collaboratively explore the methods of integrating Environmental Humanities into existing first and second level teaching and to build and support new cooperative teaching and/or programs in EnvHum across the Nordic and Baltic countries.

Now is the critical time to establish the network. Because environmental issues are a priority concern for our societies and governments at local, regional, and supraregional levels, the potential educational contribution of the humanities to address these environmental challenges needs to be cultivated.  We need to create synergies and connections between the dispersed EnvHum groups across the region in order to bring our strong research into mainstream university education.

See our reports section for more information about EnvHum in the Nordic region and how BRIGHT is working to develop it.

Funding provided by Nordplus and The Greenhouse at UiS