Weekly group meeting: The Greenhouse meets every week for 45 minutes in order to strengthen the network and support each other’s developing environmental humanities work. Greenhouse members share the status of ongoing projects, develop future project ideas, and brainstorm problem solutions. The group will actively support members’ publication work. In 2017-2018, we meet on Thursdays at noon in Hulda Garborgs hus.

Monthly reading group: Once a month, the Greenhouse will organize a 45-minute reading group discussion tied to our monthly speaker series. The readings will span the range of environmental humanities scholarship. The reading group is intended to create dialog among the different disciplines about methodologies, approaches, and subject matter that can be pursued under the label environmental humanities. This will raise awareness of differences and similarities among scholarly fields.

Monthly external speaker series: Once a month, the Greenhouse will organize a 2-hour seminar with an external speaker in the environmental humanities field. Any Greenhouse member can suggest persons to be speakers. The seminars can be done in collaboration with internal or external partners such as funded research projects, other university centers, local museums, etc. In many cases, the external speaker will also be available for internal workshops and/or mentoring sessions with PhD students and post-doctoral fellows.