We hope that the Greenhouse will cultivate environmental humanities scholarship at UiS. We have a three-pronged approach to funding future activities:

  1. We will create research projects relevant to the Greenhouse scope and apply for funding from the Norwegian Research Council, Horizon 2020 (EU), and other relevant programs.
  2. We will actively pursue funding for guest researchers, including through the Fulbright (US) and Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship (EU) schemes.
  3. We will actively pursue funding for workshops, conferences, and other events through Norwegian, Nordic, and other funding bodies.

We will develop strategic partnerships with museums and other public interest groups to put environmental humanities scholarship into action.

The Greenhouse will take a leadership role in shaping the future of environmental humanities research in Norway, which is just beginning to grow. We want to position UiS as the best place to work on environmental humanities in the country.

Projects that have been funded with Greenhouse members and themes are:

  • ANEST: Asia-Norway Environmental Storytelling Network, funded by NFR INTPART program, 2022-2023. PI Finn Arne Jørgensen.
  • Red and White: The Globalization of Wine in the Anthropocene, funded by EU MSCA IF 2019 program, 2020-2022. PI Gabriella Petrick, UiS mentor Finn Arne Jørgensen.
  • Wildsmoke: Forest Fire and Our Senses in the North, 1911-1961, funded by EU MSCA IF 2019 program, 2021-2022. PI Mica Jorgenson, UiS mentor Dolly Jørgensen.
  • Prehistoric Paradigms of ‘Animalised’ Art from Modernist Visions of Utopia to Post-History, EU MSCA IF 2019 program, 2021-2023. PI Jean Marie Carey, UiS mentor Kristin Armstrong-Oma.
  • Citizen Science for Environmental Citizenship (EnviroCitizen), funded by EU Horizon2020 program, 2020-2023, PI Finn Arne Jørgensen.
  • Extinction as Cultural Heritage, selected by JPI Cultural Heritage and funded by NFR, AHRC in UK, and Polish Ministry of Cultural Heritage in Poland, 2018-2021, PI Dolly Jørgensen, partners at University of Leeds and Adam Mickiewicz University
  • Beyond Dodos and Dinosaurs, funded by NFR SAMKUL program, 2018-2023, PI Dolly Jørgensen, partner at Aust-Agder Museum og Arkiv
  • Locative Technologies and the Human Sense of Place, funded by NFR FRIPRO program, 2019-2023, PI Finn Arne Jørgensen, partner at UiO
  • Back to Blood, funded by NFR FRIPRO program, 2020-2024, PI Anne Kalvig, partners at UiO and Linköping University
  • Norwegian Researcher School in Environmental Humanities, funded by NFR National researcher school program, 2019-2025, PI Dolly Jørgensen, partnership with NTNU, UiB, UiA, and UiO.
  • BRIGHT: Bringing Research into the Green Humanities, NordPlus Nordic network funding, PI Dolly Jørgensen
  • In the Clouds, NFR SAMKUL program, 2018-19, PI Dolly Jørgensen
  • Greening the Poles, funded by EU ERC Starting Grant program, PI Peder Roberts