People and partners

Project team members

Finn Arne Jørgensen is project leader and Professor of Environmental History at University of Stavanger. His research examines the points in which technology intersects with people’s experience and understanding of nature, on local and global scales. For more information, see

Karen Lykke Syse is Associate Professor at Center for Development and Environment, University of Oslo. Her research examines, among other things, landscape history and environmental discourse. For more information, see

Marie-Theres Fojuth is postdoctoral researcher at University of Stavanger and curator at Stavanger maritime museum. Her doctoral thesis from Humboldt University Berlin focused on geography as political matter in the great era of railway construction. Marie-Theres’ ongoing project on spatial literacy concentrates on Western Norway as an automobile fjordscape. She is also interested in how museums (could) practice mobility as intangible heritage.

Erica Colman-Denstad is PhD student at Center for Environment, University of Oslo.

Partner Institutions

University of Stavanger, The Greenhouse

University of Oslo, Center for Environment and Development